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We ship anywhere in the USA.
WedoCalligraphy.com is dedicated to customer service
and will assist you with getting your order back to you as quickly as possible.
Most of the states in the New England area are within the next day zone for UPS ground shipping so no overnight or next day shipping is necessary for these areas.

UPS has a minimum charge of $7.00 and most envelope orders run about $16.00 for shipping. Most place cards fall within the minimum of $7.00. Unframed, rolled-up seating scrolls run about $20.00 to ship by way of
UPS including the packaging costs.

We can ship by any of the following methods:
United Parcel Service(UPS)
United States Postal Service(USPS)
Federal Express (FedEx)

UPS and FedEx always has a tracking number to know exactly where your package is during transit.
The US Postoffice can provide a signature confrmation as well. FedEx and
UPS has next day delivery anywhere in the United States.