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If your question is not answered here, e-mail us (info@wedocalligrpahy.com) or call us!

How do we order calligraphy?

For calligraphy on envelopes and place cards and everything else you need, we make it very easy. You pick a font, pick a color, send us your envelopes or place cards, send us your list on a disk, thumb drive (or e mail), your order form and credit card info. That's it! We then ship everything back to you with beautiful calligraphy!.

Do I have to alphabetize the list?

No. We can do our automated pen calligraphy in any order from your list that you send to us. If you are preparing a list for a seating scroll then the list has to be alphabetized by last name.

How do I pack and ship the envelopes or place cards to you?

Use HEAVY corrugated cardboard boxes with extra packing for protection. If there are previous shipping labels or addresses on the boxes, obliterate them. Ship via a reputable shipping company through which you will get a tracking number such as FEDEX, USPS, or UPS. We will ship back to you via UPS or Fed ex.

Who pays for the shipping costs?

You pay to ship the envelopes or place cards to us. Upon completion of the calligraphy, we ship them back to you and add the cost of shipping onto your final bill.

Does "WedoCalligraphy" check my lists for mistakes or extend abbreviations?

We do not know the correct spelling of your guests or their street addresses or zip codes. If we see an obvious state misspelled, we will make the correction. The calligraphy list that you send us is the same list that we will use to do the automated calligraphy on your envelopes or place cards.

We do not do edits or make changes to your list. If you have to have some of the calligraphy "redone" as a result of a wrong address, name, etc, then you are responsible for the calligraphy "redos." We encourage everyone to double check their calligraphy lists. You can go to the United States Postal Service at USPS.com to double check a zip code. We do not extend abbreviations.

Can you print on thick envelopes?

We have not found an envelope yet that we cannot do; however, there is an extra charge of $.25 each for extra thick or custom envelopes because of the extra time they take. We print on custom thick envelopes all the time from William Arthur, C'est papier, Crane, Arlene Segal and many other invitation companies with no problems.

Do you use a laser printer?

Laser printers have historically not been envelope friendly and in some cases seal the glue on the envelopes. We use a state of the art automated ink system that is very unique and produces absolutely crisp printing with exact margins, centering, and spacing. Every single curve, line and swash on our automated calligraphy system comes out absolutely perfect.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is not charged until the day we ship your order back to you.


How long does this service take?

If your list is prepared the way we suggest, usually our envelopes and place cards ship back out within 3-4 days. Rush service is available where we will drop everything else we're doing just to get your order processed and on its way back to you (usually same day or early next morning).

Why should I use your service?

We provide "stress free" calligraphy. We have been in business over 28 years and are very reputable.Brides today have so many details involving their wedding. This is one less thing that you will ahve to be worried about. We have invested thousands and thousands of dollars into wet ink pen calligraphy equipment that will print absolutely beautiful calligraphy on your envelopes. The artistic beauty of our automated pens cannot be duplicated on a small, home ink jet or laser printer. The result is just not the same. As important as it is to send out elegant invitations, it is equally or more important to have the addressing look absolutely gorgeous.  For every guest you invite, the very first thing they will see is their address beautifully inscribed on your invitation.