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We can do wedding programs quickly!

Send us your layout and details and we will turn around your wedding program speedily.
Use the wedding program order form on the ordering page.
Wedding programs are available in several different types of paper, white or ecru.
Choose a layout style as listed below. Choose fonts from our font selection.
Note, however, that larger, scroll type fonts may not be practical on
the wedding program depending on the amount of text you have.

Don't assume anything. List everything. The day, date, time, and wedding party.
Do not use columns, tabs or spreadsheets.
Have all the wedding party names in a continuous list with their title listed before.
List the ceremony schedule in a continuous list in the order you want it to appear,
with referenced solos, song titles, authors,composers all on the same line.

If there are special readings, list those.
Titles, readings, ceremonial steps, musical solos, and wedding party title should be listed on the left side of each line. All names, song names, people names, wedding participants names should all be listed on the right.
Special solos and musical accompaniments should be listed as well.
Check the spelling of all musical and song titles and composers
Check the spelling and verse number of all scheduled readings
Double check the order of events with your Priest, Minister or Rabbi

A proof is required on all wedding program orders at a cost of $7.50.
A proof is only to double check spelling and order on your wedding program.
Once you sign off on the proof, you are responsible for its content.