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We can do place cards in a hurry!

Probably the hardest thing you will ever do for your wedding, believe it or not, is to set up your seating arrangement.
Your function hall can guide you as to how many tables of 8 or 10 that they accommodate.

You should begin with a tentative layout of the floor plan of the tables. Make a list of all the table numbers. And then let the games begin..... List each table and who will be sitting there. It sounds easy, until you start thinking of who doesn't talk to who and who wants to be seated with who, etc, etc. But, smile and you'll get through it!!!

TIP! The easiest way to do table assignments we have found is to take all your response cards and place them in piles of 8 or 10 people according to your table arrangements. Using this method, it is easy to see who is going to be placed with who and very easy to move people around before you finalize your list.
You will, before it's over, have several "final" lists.

When your list is done, assuming everyone has responded on time (not!), and absolutely finalized,
you can e-mail us the list info@wedocalligraphy.com or mail us your disk, or thumb drive, with your place cards and
order form. You can also buy the place cards directly from us.

Because of our special process, you do not have to give us the final seating arrangement until approximately 14 days before the wedding and you can make changes up to 10 days before your reception.

Some customers order their place cards with only names
and add the table numbers themselves
List the guest names along with table numbers .
Do not use columns, tabs or spreadsheets.
Have all the names in a continuous list.
Do not skip lines between names

Save as a *.txt or *.doc or *.wp file

Place cards can be provided by you and shipped to us with your diskette or you can ship your
diskette and buy the place cards directly from us. Stock place cards are available in white or ecru as seen below.
Placecards can be customized with your special decor.

place card
place card
embosed border place card
nautical place card
white on black place card
nautical place card
white place card
white ink place card
white ink place card