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We welcome you!

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Whose wedding is the most important to us?
YOURS, of course!

WedoCalligraphy.com is dedicated to customer service and will assist you with envelope calligraphy for addressing your wedding invitations and designing menus, programs, seating scrolls, place cards and accessories.
Not only do "we do calligraphy", BUT, we do calligraphy Right!
We stand for quality, service and price. We offer ink envelope calligraphy, through our
exclusive patented automated ink pen system, with over 250 lettering fonts.
Our system duplicates the movement of the human hand, only more uniform and elegant!
Every single swash, curve and line comes out absolutely perfect
and your addressed envelopes will look magnificent!

Our extensive collection of fonts allows you to match and complement your invitation font, while you make a striking first impression on your invitees. Our calligraphers also offer custom ink color matching. WedoCalligraphy.com provides calligraphy to many of the country's invitation vendors, event planners, hotels and reception sites as well as to you, the wedding couple. Our artistic staff has been doing calligraphy for over 25 years, specializing in envelope calligraphy.

WedoCalligraphy.com is your best choice because we offer:

  • Wholesale prices to the public
  • Excellent personalized friendly service
  • Huge selection of over 250 elegant fonts
  • Perfect ink color matching
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Rush service

We will accept all major credit cards or your personal check by mail.

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