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For more information on our envelope calligraphy services, please visit the pages by clicking on the links ABOVE

Before you purchase your invitations, wedoCalligraphy.com would like to
give you some helpful tips about envelopes.

1. Do order 25 extra outer and inner envelopes beyond the quantity you need. It is better to have a few too many than too few. This will take care of additions, wrong addresses and lost envelopes due to setup and margin adjustments.

2. Do get your return address printed on the outer envelope flap. It will insure that a misaddressed envelope will find its way back to you. Occasionally someone may have moved between the time you prepare your list and the time you mail your invitations. WedoCalligraphy.com can also do the return address on the flap if you have already ordered the invitations without them.

3. Do order inner envelope liners if you want them. Many of our competitors charge extra to do calligraphy on lined envelopes. At wedoCalligraphy.com we charge the same price with or without a liner.

4. Do order whatever size invitation you want. It’s your wedding! WedoCalligraphy can work on envelopes as small as 3 5/8” wide up to 12” wide. We can also do calligraphy on custom vertical flap envelope that are 5 1/2” or 6” wide by 12” tall. Most of our competitors cannot handle these size envelopes or charge extra for them.

5. Do contact us regarding ultra thick custom envelopes. We are able to do calligraphy on some extra thick envelopes, but unfortunately some are just too thick to accommodate on our system. If you can get a couple of sample envelopes to us we can test the thickness before you order them. Better to be safe than sorry!

6. Do consider invitations even if they only come with a single envelope. Etiquette used to mandate that you needed both outer and inner envelopes. Now it is perfectly proper to use a single envelope because it conserves our trees by using less paper. Please note that an “and Guest” would then have to appear on the single outer envelope as well as children.

7. Do consider pearlized, shimmer or metallic finish envelopes when ordering. Many calligraphy companies will not be able to address them, but wedoCalligraphy.com can..

8.. Do order dark colored, or pastel envelopes. We are able to print white ink on black or navy envelopes.

We make it so easy.....